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Update: Advancement

Keeping our alumni connected from day one

In July, over 1,400 joined the ranks of LAU’s alumni, after receiving their degrees and successfully completing an important chapter in their lives.

LAU’s Alumni office is there to make these newest additions to a nearly 30,000-strong family feel connected to their alma mater from the time they leave to take on new opportunities. Since alumni travel around the world to spread the university’s values to new homes and professions, NetCommunity is there to keep them together. LAU’s website for alumni networking can help members of its far-flung family can find out about events to keep them connected to their university, while the university’s own homepage can inform them about new happenings at the university itself.

When alumni are looking for a more personal touch, they can join one of 28 chapters in Lebanon, the Gulf, North America and Europe. These chapters hold special events for their members, including their own galas, annual dinners or picnics. That way, LAU’s newest alumni can stick together in an enjoyable setting, while learning more about the community they are joining. Fellow graduates of the university can also help their newest members get ahead in their professional careers, by providing advice and networking opportunities during business oriented events.

Florida Alumni
President Jabbra at LAU’s first annual conference.

The Alumni Relations Office in Beirut, headed by Abdallah Al-Khal, and the Alumni Programs Officer in America, Edward Shiner, also help alumni get new organizations and events off the ground throughout the world. North American alumni gained their help holding their first annual conference earlier this year thanks to their efforts, with 50 alumni taking part in a three-day summit to discuss chapter-building while meeting Dr. Joseph Jabbra, LAU’s president.

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