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Update: Advancement

Bringing more people together

dancing.jpgLAU has alumni chapters in 30 locations around the globe and 2010 saw a new chapter open in Montreal.  In addition the 2010 Alumni Reunions and the Homecoming Weekend last July was the best that LAU has seen since it began holding this weekend of festivities.  Various chapters organized their own gatherings during the weekend with a rang of events including everything from salsa night to theater and poetry readings.

This year saw Cairo’s first alumni gathering as well as the second annual gathering of North American alumni in Las Vegas. In addition the Alumni Relations Office began a robust schedule of well-attended lectures on campus designed to help keep alumni connected to contemporary issues and the life of the university. 

This year the Alumni Relations and Guidance offices co-organized the fourth annual BusinessUA Connectivity.JPG Networking Reception with HR directors of prominent businesses and LAU graduates, allowing university alumni the chance to connect with others in their fields of interest.  

LAU Alumni NetCommunity and an official alumni Facebook page were launched to help reunite old friends and lost classmates.

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