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Update: Advancement

MarCom has a new online home

LAU’s Marketing and Communications (MarCom) team has launched a cutting-edge website, heightening awareness of their services and advancing the university’s media image. 

A screen shot of the new MarCom website
MarCom website.jpg

“We hope to have a friendly approach, to facilitate work and ease communication between MarCom and other departments,” says Assistant Vice President Peggy Hanna. “Our team works collaboratively with other university departments to help package their product and make it more attractive to external audiences.” 

The website introduces MarCom’s staff and elucidates their capacity to support LAU’s various affiliates. “There was some confusion about what our office can do, so we tried to clarify this,” says MarCom Associate Director Karina Rodriguez. “We have made [the website] very concise and user-friendly.”

Intuitive pages assist departments and schools around the university in developing attractive publications, websites, events, and marketing materials in keeping with LAU’s distinguished brand. Practical downloads can me made from the website, include a visual identity style guide that details university production standards. An electronic form expedites submissions to the university’s online calendar. 

“The website is important because it will improve internal communication and alleviate staff from tedious tasks,” says MarCom Assistant Director Nayla Abou Merhi Moujaes.

A comprehensive index and archive of MarCom publications is bound to entice web surfers. The much-touted LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin, together with the President’s Report, Academic Catalog, and annual Facts & Figures, are now available in PDF and virtual flip-through formats.

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