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Chatting with with a Fortune 500 executive

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For more than a year members of the LAU advancement team have produced a series of online live chats designed to help connect the LAU community with professionals from all around the world. The series, which is housed on the Advancement website and heavily promoted through LAU’s social media channels, has featured entrepreneurs and other professionals answering direct questions ask to them by students and other members of LAU’s community through a live chat platform. 

Last week the series featured a live chat with Stephen Gillett, the Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President for Digital Ventures at global coffee giant Starbucks. Gillett, a regular visitor to Lebanon which is where his father grew up near Tripoli, was excited for the opportunity connect with Lebanese students and others interested in learning more about Starbuck’s visionary technological efforts.
As one of the Fortune 500’s youngest top-level executives it was a great opportunity for the LAU community to converse and network with a giant in the industry. 

Check out the transcript of the chat below, and stay tuned for more chats in the future! 

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