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Mohamad Fathalla, Student

Mr. Mohamad Zaki Fathalla, LAU Student

Lebanese Flag in University of Delaware.jpgMr. Mohamad Fathalla, in his final semester as an undergraduate  student at LAU, has recently been honing his skills as a leader in Turkey and the United States.  We asked him a few questions about his experience at LAU and his plans for the future.

What year are you at LAU and what do you study?
I am in my last semester at LAU, majoring in Economics and Finance.
You recently attended a leadership conference in Istanbul.  Tell us a bit about that.
The leadership conference in turkey was to continue the development of my civic engagement project. During the conference I had opportunities to learn more about funding my project and to receive feedback. I arranged my project in a poster were we had to present it in the poster gallery. 
Last summer you attended the Leadership and Civil Society program in the United States.  What did you learn from this and has it made you more active in your own community?
I developed leadership and problem-solving skills, explored U.S. history and culture. I attended a 4-week program at the University of Delaware were I took classes about leadership, politics, media, economics and the environment. Then we travelled throughout the U.S for a study tour. I had the chance to visit Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York.  During my stay at the University of Delaware I worked on my civic engagement project, which was about the micro-enterprise development in Lebanon.
How have you enjoyed your experience at LAU been during your time here?
During my university years at LAU I had many opportunities and I received lots of great support from my teachers and my classmates.
What are your plans for after graduation?
I am currently applying for graduate studies in Europe and the United States, though I got accepted to a masters program in international economics at the University of Rome in Italy, but I’m keeping my options open for now.

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