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Nanor Karageozian, Web Editor

 Nanor Karageozian, Web Editor

Nanor Karageozian is part of a dedicated team of writers, editors and web techs who are telling the LAU community about what is taking place on campus. As part of this effort, Nanor manages the web news section, which keeps the community informed of happenings on campus through the university’s website. We asked Nanor about why she came to LAU and what the future is for the university’s online presence. 

Tell us about yourself, and why you chose to join LAU.

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After living in Athens, Greece for eight years, I returned to Beirut with my family. I received a B.A. in business administration with high honors (2003) from Haigazian University in Beirut, and an M.A. in public administration (2007) from AUB, specializing in Armenia’s diaspora policies.
Having started from a business background (both educational and professional), I decided to shift to public and non-profit administration. As a graduate assistant at AUB and a freelancer, I also acquired research and editing experience by working on academic publications, journal articles, theses, and other projects in multiple settings and subject areas. So, joining LAU as a web editor was part of that shift.
I was also excited to join a department that had been recently restructured and had started expanding significantly. I wanted to be part of that dynamic environment, especially the web team that’s constantly trying to keep up with fast-changing technological improvements.
As a web editor, I write, edit, review and update content of LAU websites, and I’m in charge of the online news section. I also participate in the design and development of new sites or site sections, and assist in the planning and preparation of some LAU print publications.
What kind of changes have you made to the web news section since you took that project on?
We were working with a really small team in early 2008 when I joined MarCom. As the web news section was not active at the time, we had to start everything from scratch in terms of editorial process and raising awareness among the LAU community to inform us of their news. In December 2008, the section was redesigned along with the main LAU website.
The news section has grown remarkably over the last few years, in terms of both the number and diversity of stories. In 2008, 72 stories were posted, but we already posted 110 from January to May of this year. The section is now updated almost on a daily basis, and it covers a wide range of topics.
What kind of process do you and your colleagues engage in every week to produce the web news stories?
We regularly engage with the university community to stay on top of what’s going on. The process requires daily follow-up and teamwork among people in various departments.
How closely does your office collaborate with LAU’s schools and institutes to inform the community about developments?
LAU’s schools and institutes play a key role in our efforts to learn about achievements and developments, to advertise and cover events, and to communicate the message of a university on the move that has a rich legacy, and offers academic excellence and a student-centered environment. Our constant communication with them feeds the online calendar of events and the web news section, as well as the quarterly LAU Magazine & Alumni Bulletin, also produced by our department.
How much of a challenge was it to get the schools and institutes to develop a habit of showing what they do through this service?
As awareness of the web news section has grown, the university community has become increasingly engaged with it, which is fantastic.
Do you expect there to be further changes in the website news section going forward?
News is always evolving. Multimedia is the way forward and perhaps we’ll be offering more of that kind of content in the future. We’re also planning to make the section more interactive and diversified, and we have some design-related changes in the pipeline.



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