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Mr. Michel Majdalani, Director of LAU’s Continuing Education Program

Michel Majdalani photo.JPGThe mission of the Continuing Education Program (CEP) at LAU is to offer innovative learning opportunities for future leaders in the community. The goal of CEP is to be a leader in providing high quality continuing education for as many people as possible.  We asked CEP’s director, Mr. Michel Majdalani to talk with us about the work of CEP. 
Can you tell me when the Continuing Education Program got started at LAU and what its goals are?
Since its inception in the early 1980s The Continuing Education Program, in fellowship with LAU’s academic departments and professionals in the field, conducts outreach professional programs for the local community. Our goal is to become leaders in providing high quality continuing education.
What sort of programs does the CEP offer its students?
CEP offers over 21 certificate-based programs at the post-secondary and post-baccalaureate level. Last year, we attracted more than 1,657 ambitious individuals. Our core strength is in professional development, fitness, business, education, computer applications, Non-Governmental Organization programs and creative writing.
The Creative Writing Program provides college preparatory courses such as SAT, GMAT and Business English. Courses are given on campus during weekdays in evening times, and are open to all. The hard copy provided offers interactive online exercises to reinforce training. All of our programs culminate with the distinguished CEP certification granted by LAU.
Who can benefit most from what CEP has to offer?  Is it for young professionals or older professionals or both?
Almost anyone can benefit from what CEP has to offer. Combined with global standards, our programs provide training for mid- career professionals who can compete not only on a local but international level leading them towards professional excellence. Ministries of the Lebanese Republic, NGOs, hospitals and corporations alike take advantage of what our training CEP of LAU.
Do you offer programs at both the Beirut and Byblos campuses?  How about off campus?
 Currently, we offer our entire set of programs at LAU’s Beirut campus and we are expanding to outreach activities for example our corporate training programs which are tailored according to the needs of our community. Our collaboration with Makassed high school has been established. Our future plans include setting up CEP services to additional metro areas within Lebanon which are Zahle, Tripoli, and Byblos.
What are the CEP’s plans for the future?  Will you be expanding with any new programs?
We constantly react to the needs of the market and the professional workforce. Due to many requests from the local community, the program recently added Capacity Building courses for NGO’s. Other programs are to be launched. Stay tuned!

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