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Update: Advancement

The social media team

LAU has been building its social media presence throughout the year, with new fan sites on Facebook and a new Twitter feed to keep the university’s constituents informed and connected to campus. A lot of the work building and maintaining the sites is done by the advancement division’s social media team.

Led by Greg Houle, the advancement communications manager, the team locates appropriate articles to highlight, creates new content that will then get distributed, and responds to questions and concerns posed by the fans and followers. Greg works with Joanna Helou, one of the New York office’s development associates, and Jessie DePalo to add content to the social media sites, providing news about the university as well as news and developments about Lebanon and the Middle East. Joanna also assists with the Arabic language requests that sometimes get posted on LAU’s Facebook page.

Joanna Helou, Greg Houle, Jessica DePalo (seated) and David Pengel review LAU’s Facebook page
Highlighting timely and interesting news is an essential part of the social media effort; to help the team provide this service, David Pengel, also in New York, scours news sites looking for developments about Lebanon and the region for the community to consider. In addition, LAU’s social media websites serve as a new channel for students, alumni and fans to take a look at campus activities, while seeing more of the web news content produced by colleagues in the Beirut office, like Nanor Karageozian. This collaboration has made LAU’s Twitter page one of the best new sources for news about Lebanon.
Now that LAU’s Facebook page has nearly 15,000 fans, the team will focus a bit more on original content going forward, including its biweekly “Friday spotlight” features and other timely and topical content produced by members of the LAU community.

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