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Starting with ‘why’

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When LAU’s new Strategic Plan was being created a steering committee, made up of faculty and administrators of the university, got together once a week over the course of several months to engage in some pretty high-level thinking. During their meetings they asked questions like ‘why does the university exist?’ and ‘how do we know that we’re improving as an institution?’ These are undoubtedly important questions, they may even seem simple at first, but when you really think deeply about these sorts of questions they require some hard work to answer. 

‘Why does the university exist’ is a pretty big question to ask. But when you boil it down, answering those kinds of big questions can provide us with the direction that we need in order to set a course for making LAU the best place that it can be. When you really think about it, the answers to such questions are actually why each of us are here and as we begin to answer these questions we get a clearer understanding of our mission which helps us create a proper plan to execute that plan and chart our way forward. 

Under the leadership of President Jabbra LAU has done a fantastic job planning and executing a strategy that is moving us forward at breakneck speed. Following the university’s lead, the Advancement division is working on its own strategic planning that will ensure that each of us is contributing toward supporting the university’s goals in the best possible way. 

Strategic planning is never easy. Figuring out the answers to these overarching questions is always challenging, and sometimes the answers can cause us to shift our approach and change the way that we’ve traditionally done things; and change isn’t always easy. But strategic planning also gives us something to focus on and goals to shoot for. 

These are exciting times, both for LAU and for our division, and I look forward to the work that each of us do as we develop our plan for the future.



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