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Update: Advancement

Campaign going strong

As you know, last October LAU publicly launched its first comprehensive campaign, The Legacy and the Promise, as a means to help advance our mission of providing a world-class education to our students. Thanks to the efforts of our Advancement team and to countless others within the LAU community, it gives me great pleasure to announce that, less than one year after publicly announcing our campaign, we have surpassed the $40 million mark.

This support will prove essential in providing the facility improvements needed to equip our campuses for the 21st century and in allowing more students the opportunity to attend our university. And while raising $40 million for LAU had been the internal working goal of The Legacy and the Promise prior to the public launch, the strong early support for the campaign caused us to revise our ultimate goal up to $65 million. Given the remarkable success that we’ve had so far, I’m confident that we will meet this objective.

Our success in this campaign is a testament to the strong belief that so many people have in our mission. And it is also indicative of the incredible efforts of our team in Lebanon and the United States. The broad range of support that LAU receives from individuals, foundations, alumni chapters, government sources, and other outlets is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of so many people. Thank you for your commitment to our worthy cause.

Rich Rumsey

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