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A sense of belonging

Spring is a great time of year and, while this may sound cliché, it is definitely the season for renewal, reconnecting and building connections. These are the sorts of things that universities seem to specialize in. LAU, like a lot of institutions of higher learning, is unique in that we help people establish the sorts of connections and garner a sense of belonging that often last a lifetime. We see this, for example, in the number of alumni chapters that we have throughout the world, thousands of miles from campus.  Or the number of fans and followers we have on our social media networks. Students, alumni, professors, administrators, staff, and even future students have a strong desire to belong to LAU’s community, no matter where they live today.
We are all aware of how communities can be divided throughout the world. But one of the major strengths of universities like LAU is our ability to successfully ensuring that diversity is a positive factor that is respected, as opposed to a line of division that weakens the link between people. The university accepts a diverse range of students and faculty and then brings them together in an environment that fosters learning, development and growth. This is one of the major reasons why, I think, universities remain such an important source of pride and such a vital connecting point for people, even long after they have left our campuses.
This sense of belonging is something that the Advancement division works hard to nurture and it is also something that we deeply respect. Engaging in events with alumni throughout the world, communicating with our supporters and friends to keep them informed of the latest activities on campus, working hard to gain support for our academic programs and infrastructure all help to foster and maintain this sense of belonging. 
It is a mission that each of us takes very seriously and it is one of the things that truly makes LAU a great place.


Rich Rumsey

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