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Projecting a positive image

As all of you know, LAU has made great strides this year, by adding a well-regarded hospital to our family and welcoming the first class of students at the Chagoury School of Medicine this year. As the university builds its reputation as a world-class institution, the media and public relations teams in Lebanon and North America are indispensible in telling the world about this progress.

Thanks to the work of Christian Oussi, Nada Torbey and Bert Makdessi in Lebanon, along with Greg Houle in New York, more of our friends, donors and prospective students know about who we are and what we want to accomplish throughout the Middle East, in North American, and all over the world. The public relations professionals in our offices also deserve credit for keeping LAU connected to influential statesmen, like former US President Jimmy Carter when he visited during the election.

Our team is also providing faculty members with a platform to show their energy and expertise in their fields, by working with various members of our faculty and administration and with media outlets throughout the world to help them express their views and share their knowledge. Thanks to our efforts, more of our professors, administrators and programs are getting noticed by the media in the region, like the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World, our Model UN conference, SINARC, our summer Arabic program, and our Summer School on Conflict Resolution have all recently gained valuable media attention worldwide thanks to these team players.

In the coming months LAU will welcome the NEASC accreditation team, inauguarate the Antoine Frem Civic Center and permanent homes for our schools of Medicine and Nursing. With so much coming together over the next few months and years LAU will continue to work hard to project a positive image and stand out as a world class institution in the Middle East and throughout the world.

Rich Rumsey

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