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Update: Advancement

Competitive advantage

If you’ve looked at the last couple of issues of LAU Magazine you might have seen the phrase “Only at LAU” on the inside front cover. We’ve been using that space in the magazine to highlight some of what makes LAU unique; what makes our university into the excellent institution of higher learning and the great community that we are.

LAU has had a long history of firsts in education, and our division works hard to highlight this competitive advantage and to bring this message forward. For example, the ACPE, the accreditation agency for pharmacy education, recently renewed its accreditation of our Doctor of Pharmacy program. LAU is the only school outside the United States with such accreditation, and this gives our Doctor of Pharmacy program a distinct advantage over similar programs in the region. Our Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) was the first of its kind in the region and its pioneering journal Al Raida is a shining example of LAU’s long commitment to giving everyone in the Middle East a voice. And with the recent addition of our School of Medicine and the upcoming opening of our School of Nursing the university is becoming a recognized leader in medical and allied health education.

We need to continue to highlight our abilities and our unique standing in the region. As we can see in this newsletter and on campus, our faculty, staff and administration are working hard to push the division and the university farther. The “Only at LAU” campaign may be focused on the pages of our magazine, but all of us can use that phrase to educate our thinking as well as our continued efforts for the university and the cause of high quality education. LAU has ambitious plans for 2010, but that phrase can help inspire ways to accomplish them. I, for one, look forward to seeing how we answer the challenge.


Rich Rumsey


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