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Only at LAU

As you all know, Lebanese American University is an outstanding place to work and study. In recent years we have seen numerous examples of things that have helped to set us apart and make LAU the world-class institution that we have become. These elements are an important way for LAU to differentiate itself from other universities and in a competitive world, that’s important. Our penchant for originality is certainly alive and well, with innovative and fresh curricula helping to drive the growth of our new schools of medicine and nursing.

As part of our efforts to showcase LAU’s excellence, we need to share with people the good things happening here. The inside front cover of the last two issues of LAU Magazine, our flagship communications tool, contains advertisements that aim to help us do this, featuring the tagline “Only at LAU.” The first ad focused on the unprecedented success of our Model United Nations program, and the second focused on the University Medical Center-Rizk Hospital, which presents a tremendous opportunity for students to learn in a real-world setting.

But LAU can’t express its identity without the help of its dedicated faculty and staff. After all, all of us who are part of the family know firsthand about LAU’s principles and culture. As part of our ongoing efforts, we’d like to hear more about what makes LAU the vanguard for education and improvement in Lebanon, the region and the world from the people who know best. Please share the stories or facts that we can use for future editions of the “Only at LAU” ad, so that we can keep it going with more original information about the university. I will be in Beirut until the middle of December, and my door is open during my time in Lebanon. I look forward to what you have in mind!

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