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We usually use this space to talk about the good work of our wonderful advancement team, but since I’m going to be giving up my title as vice president, I’d like to invoke a little privilege and offer my thanks instead. As most of you likely know by now, this is my last week with Lebanese American University. I am leaving to start a new position next week at Project HOPE, a nonprofit organization based in the Washington, DC area.

Seven years ago, when I first met President Jabbra in New York, I never could have imagined what a profound impact LAU and Lebanon would have on my life. You have changed me, and for that matter, my entire family, forever. The work that we do here, every single day, changes the lives of individuals, their families, communities, countries, and our world. I have been so blessed to be a part of that! We have invested a great deal into our lives together and that is what I will miss most. You have been part of my thoughts and prayers and I will never forget that.

As I arrived in Beirut today, for my 45th trip, a flood of emotions came over me. I spent the journey from New York recalling all that we have accomplished. In July 2006 when we called each and every alumnus who was registered for reunion events to let them know that the time was not right for a celebration; the first university strategic plan which, in many ways, was the high water mark for the Advancement Division; the public launching of The Legacy and The Promise campaign; winning CASE awards in development and communications; more than doubling our alumni chapters and affinity groups; and closing a $65M campaign, a full year ahead of schedule!

This final issue of Update Advancement is a tribute to the members of the Advancement team and the hard work that every single one of you have contributed toward making LAU the world-class institution that it has become.

I often tell people that working for LAU makes me part missionary and part ambassador. I felt a calling to work with Dr. Jabbra and LAU and it is my supreme duty to promote this university and Lebanon when I’m back home in the States. While I will no longer be the VP for University Advancement, the other two titles I fully intend to keep.  
Best wishes,
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