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If we only had a football team!

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While LAU instills a sense of community to all who pass through its gates, it’s during my summer trips, with my family in tow, when I really feel a part of this vibrant institution.

During my career I have worked at a variety of wonderful universities, but over the past decade or so I have missed the action and excitement of being on campus on a daily basis, where my family and I can all participate in the richness of the campus environment.  Theatre, sporting events, lectures, you name it. 

That’s why summer at LAU is so important to me. We dive deep into the culture and essence of this place.  My wife Cindy and the kids attended graduation (from Irwin Hall), our alumni homecoming and reunions, Lauren and Jacob take part in the Continuing Education Program’s summer camp, and then there are all of the social events!

I am grateful not only for LAU’s willingness to welcome me and my family into its community, but also for the fact that this community is such an important and vital aspect of our institution.

Now, if we only had a football team!



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