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The World and LAU

We often refer to LAU as a global institution, and with good reason. We were chartered by the State of New York, we have programs that are accredited by both American and European accrediting agencies, we have students from over 80 countries, we have an impressive roster of internationally trained faculty and administration members, and we have alumni that, like the Lebanese diaspora itself, has spread to every corner of the globe. Given these facts it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that LAU is more international, in fact, than many other universities.

And the international flavor of our university also extends to fundraising as well. During the length of our current campaign, The Legacy and the Promise, the university has received generous support from across the Middle East, Europe, North America and beyond. Donors from dozens of countries have given their support to LAU over the past few years and this is significant, not just because of the valuable support that these donors are providing to the students of LAU, but also for what it says about our mission as an institution. Education today is global, and LAU is at the forefront of this globalization.
If you take a look at where people who support LAU live you’ll find some pretty interesting statistics. The top five nations in terms of dollar amounts given since 2006 are the United States, France, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Clearly it’s a wide-ranging group of nations!

The university does not take this for granted. We consistently work to stretch our network further and reconnect with more of our alumni and friends around the world and these efforts are clearly bearing fruit. Through new initiatives and new schools of thought, LAU will do everything it can to make that support worthwhile, by offering more students the opportunity to study through scholarships and financial aid, and by offering the region and the world new innovations in fields like nursing, medicine and beyond.
We thank our supporters for believing in what we do, and I thank each of you for your hard work and dedication in helping to make LAU what it is today, a truly global institution.



Rich Rumsey

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