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$8 million in eight days

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Every once in a while the stars align and things work out far better than you have a right to expect. A couple of weeks ago LAU experienced one of those rare moments. Over the course of about eight days the university held three major events, in three different locations, that resulted in $8 million of valuable support to the university.

This serendipitous week began with two incredible gala dinners put on by our alumni chapters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. With a combined attendance of over 1,100 people we were fortunate enough to raise $550,000 in scholarship and student support thanks to their overwhelming generosity. It’s a remarkable testament to the depth and breadth of LAU’s family of constituents. Thanks to our alumni team and the unwavering support of our alumni chapters in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai we had two unbelievable nights for LAU.

Then we had the Beirut gala. When LAU hosted its first two galas in New York City one of our goals was to own the city for the night and we achieved that goal. But on Friday, March 23 LAU helped to illustrate just how much it owns Beirut. Period.

To say the event was spectacular is not doing it justice. To say that we were fortunate to raise a lot of money that will directly support needy and deserving students would be an understatement. Quite simply, LAU produced a legendary event and by doing so helped to further illustrate the importance of our mission.

Thanks to the entire team and all the members of the LAU family who helped to make this week a reality.

Best wishes,

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