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Update: Advancement

A Good 2009, A Great 2010

First, I’d like to offer each of you my heartfelt thanks for your incredible work throughout 2009. As you all undoubtedly know, LAU has spent the year making great strides forward. We have more supporters and greater awareness than ever before thanks to your efforts in Lebanon, the U.S. and around the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers behind the work that went on last year:

Of course, this isn’t just about us. Many of you are lucky to see firsthand what we are working for. There are more students on campus thanks to new and greater amounts of financial aid from generous donors, and those students are taking classes in new and upgraded buildings. In addition our students have an expanded curriculum to choose from.

In 2010 I’m sure we can keep the momentum going. Our campaign goal is in sight, and we can also ensure that this year, we will set a record for individual gifts from around the world.

Thank you,
Rich Rumsey

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