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Here in the United States, our holiday season begins with Thanksgiving which we just celebrated last week. While the holiday season can sometimes be hectic and busy Thanksgiving, in particular, is something that I truly enjoy.

For many of us it’s an opportunity to get together with family and friends in settings that give meaning to our lives. Like what so many people all around the world do during holidays or other special times of the year, I took the opportunity to visit my home village which, in my case, is a farm in upstate New York. Watching my kids play on the farm where I grew up brings back fond memories of days gone by. Each year Dad recites the same children’s prayer - "We thank you Lord for happy hearts; for rain and sunny weather.  We thank you Lord for this our food and that we are together. Amen."  It brings out the child in me, still. 

I want to thank all of you for helping make this passing year such a success. As the New Year approaches, I hope that all of us will continue to share our thanks with others as we impact the lives of those around us. While Thanksgiving may come around only once a year, there is always an opportunity to say thank you to others.

Best wishes,

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