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Walid Jumblatt Foundation establishes merit scholarship fund

In late October and early November, LAU signed agreements with philanthropic individuals and organizations to create a number of new scholarships for talented prospective students in need. The new scholarships will become available in fall 2012.


Secretary General of the Walid Jumblatt Foundation for University Studies, Lt. Colonel Charif Fayad (left) and Mr. Bahij Abou Hamzeh (right) with President Jabbra
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On October 28, the Walid Jumblatt Foundation for University Studies (WJF) established a merit scholarship fund, which will support several LAU students each year for the duration of their degrees. The foundation will rely on LAU’s own policies to select the best candidates for the scholarship, with the sole requirement that students be chosen based on merit and need.

“The best investment we can make is in our youth, because they are the future,” said WJF Secretary-General Colonel Charif Fayad in a signing ceremony attended by LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra and other university officials.

Founded by Lebanese politician Walid Jumblatt, the foundation has annually provided scholarships for a wide range of students studying at Lebanese universities. WJF’s funding comes from Jumblatt and other generous donors.

“We deal with many universities in order to help as many students as we can,” Fayad explained.

“We hope that students will be market-oriented even as they enter the university, so they can find the career path that best suits their interests and skills,” he added. Fayad pointed out that WJF is committed to the development of Lebanon’s education sector and to preparing Lebanese youth for career success.

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