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A Lebanese Expert with Decades of Experience

Jay Ghazal, the Founder and President of Washington, DC-based government affairs firm Ghazal & Associates, LLC recently joined LAU’s government affairs unit where he will work closely with President Jabbra and Vice President Richard Rumsey to manage the university’s relationships with the US government.

Jay Ghazal (left) speaks with LAU political science professor Sami Baroudi at a recent event in Washington, DC
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Jay represents a wide range of clients before Congress and the White House.  With 26 years of experience, Ghazal has developed both personal and professional relationships with key decision makers in Washington and numerous foreign governments. 

Ghazal’s clients have included defense, technnology and higher education institutions such as Salve Regina University, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and Northern Essex Community College. Ghazal also represented General Motors in its acquisition of Daewoo Motor.  
From 1985 to 1997, Jay served as a senior policy and political advisor to the late Senator Claiborne Pell of Rhode Island, who advocated the college student grant system that bears his name. Jay also advised Chairman Pell on the Middle East. An Arabic speaker, he has traveled extensively through the region including the Levant, the Gulf, North Africa, and Central Asia.  Jay takes pride in the fact that Pell, a longtime friend of Lebanon and founder of the American Committee to Save Tyre, championed the cause of peace in Lebanon and was at the forefront of numerous resolutions and debates in Congress seeking to help the country.
In addition to his legislative duties, Jay served as a senior political advisor to Senator Pell, and helped manage successful reelection campaigns in 1984 and 1990.  He remains involved in the Democrats’ Senate campaign efforts.
More recently, Jay served as an election monitor, and observed the 2009 Lebanese contest as well as Jordan’s elections in 2010. As an observer of developments in the region and someone knowledgeable about Washington and Congress, he has appeared on Middle Eastern television to explain US policy and politics, most recently on Al Arabiya. 

Jay was born in Lebanon and speaks Arabic and Aramaic, an ancient Semitic language.  He and his wife reside in Arlington, Virginia with their two children.

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