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Update: Advancement

Campaign rolls on through the year

It was another great year for fundraising at LAU.  Hundreds of individuals, organizations and corporations provided the university and our students with monetary support, as well as gifts of stocks and in-kind gifts such as real estate, books and art.

gala.jpgThe New York office inaugurated a new tradition with its first annual LAU Gala Dinner, which honored prominent Americans and raised over $80,000 for the Sarah Huntington Smith Endowment Fund, benefitting LAU’s Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World. Meanwhile the Beirut office launched the LAU Seat and Bench Naming Campaign, allowing donors to name a seat in the Irwin Hall Auditorium in Beirut or the Selina Korban Auditorium in Byblos for $500, or a bench on one of the campuses for $5,000. So far over 100 people have participated, contributing over $125,000.

2010 saw great progress in LAU’s first comprehensive fundraising campaign The Legacy and thecampaign.JPG Promise and As a direct result of this campaign, LAU recently increased the number of merit scholarships it provides more than four-fold – from 10 to more than 40, dramatically enhancing the opportunities available to talented applicants. There has also been an increase in the number of endowed scholarships.

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