Lebanese American University

Update: Advancement

LAU is making the news!

The university is making a sustained effort to tell more people, throughout the world, about what we’re doing and it is paying off. Thanks to this initiative, our mission and the expertise of our faculty and administration have garnered the attention of publications across the Middle East and all over the world. For instance, Dr. Jabbra’s recent meeting with former US President Jimmy Carter received blanket coverage in newspapers throughout the Middle East last month, including L’Orient Le Jour, Al-Mustaqbal and others. And LAU was recently featured in a major article in the Gulf News, the largest English-language newspaper in the UAE.

Our faculty members are getting their names out as a part of this effort as well, with Ramez Maluf recently commenting on the new Obama administration in Foreign Policy and Habib Malik featured in a United Press International article about the Lebanese elections.

Keep an eye out for more exciting coverage of LAU in the news.

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