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A neighborhood bulletin board for the twenty-first century

Over the last few years social media has turned the world upside down. Millions of people today across the globe are interacting and communicating using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks and in just a few short years they have completely turned the communications landscape on its head.


LAU on Twitter Mock-upV10.jpg

A sneak preview of LAU’s soon-to-be-live Twitter community
Not to be left behind in this revolution, LAU has built a robust social media presence over the past year and a half. The university has connected with tens of thousands of people through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and other social networking platforms. Now, as a way of taking things to the next level, LAU is building an exciting new Twitter community that will become part of the university’s website. This community is designed to show the extensive depth and breadth of LAU on Twitter—showcasing official LAU twitter feeds as well as alumni, students, faculty and staff members of LAU who use Twitter.
The page will showcase an impressive cross-section of people within LAU’s vast global community who use Twitter. Additionally, a unique “hash tag” will be introduced that will allow any user on Twitter to join the discussion about all things LAU.

Like a modern-day bulletin board this newly created community will help to highlight LAU’s increasingly vital role in the brave new world of social media, and illustrate the progressive stance that the university is taking in its effort to communicate with its constituents around the world.

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