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LAU expands its alumni support with ‘Project 10’

Over the years LAU has built a vast global alumni network across the Middle East, Europe and North America. In recent years new chapters have developed, including chapters that cater to alumni from specific schools as well as to graduates of BCW. Now, the university is moving on to the next step in its efforts to build an alumni network, through Project 10. 

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LAU’s alumni population, as a percentage, does not give back to its alma mater through donations as much as other universities at home or abroad. The American University of Beirut, for example, has an alumni participation rate as high as 10 percent, while many colleges and universities in the United States have participation rates at 20% or higher.  To address this issue the Advancement division has kicked off a wide-ranging campaign involving members from the development, alumni, communications and advancement services teams, called Project 10. The idea is to set a goal of increasing the overall alumni donor participation rate to 10% of all alumni by the end of fiscal year 2012. Collaboration will be a key component in achieving this goal. Members of the Advancement division will engage in research, propose ideas for new kinds of gift campaigns and new ways to engage current students and young alumni, and other efforts. 

“What I think is exciting about Project 10 is that we’ve begun the process of taking very concrete steps designed to address a legitimate issue head on using all of the talent that we have in every area of our division,” said Vice President for University Advancement Richard Rumsey. “It is a goal that each and every one of us is directly involved in achieving across the entire division and it has given us a wonderful opportunity to collaborate well as a team.” 

The Project 10 team has already begun meeting regularly and producing new and innovative strategies for tackling this important issue. 

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