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Update: Advancement

The LAU family works and plays together online with NetCommunity

LAU’s alumni team recently added NetCommunity to its website as one of its tools for keeping alumni connected throughout the world. Though the university’s alumni are forming more chapters and taking part in them more often than before, the alumni office still wanted a way to keep in touch with and offer more to the LAU family.

Once the NetCommunity project is completed, it will offer alumni with internet access a way to keep in touch with each other, hosting discussion groups for them to reconnect while helping them search for each other with a database of students organized by class year. Alumni can use the service for fun and for their career, by using it for networking and uploading their CVs for their colleagues to review. People who know about available positions can also let their friends know about the opportunity by posting a job listing to the service. And with the addition of a personal blog, this system is also meant to help alumni express themselves.

Though NetCommunity can help keep alumni linked through cyberspace, it can also help foster a more human touch to communication. LAU has worked to build its alumni chapters throughout the world and NetCommunity can be a way for alumni to find out about initiatives and activities that are taking place in their communities. And when alumni do go to their chapter’s events, they can remember it together by using the service to share photos and more about the event.

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