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Update: Advancement

Enlarging LAU’s footprint on the web; new development staff

LAU has reshaped its online presence in the last four years, with a new homepage designed to give more information to students, faculty and staff. The website for alumni has also been improved, giving more members of LAU’s family a way to keep in touch with each other and the university. Now, the website for the comprehensive campaign gives quarterly updates to interested readers. All of that is made possible by a young group of individuals at Marketing and Communications, who design and maintain the university’s presence on the Web.

From bottom left to bottom right: Nayla Moujaes, Nanor Karageozian,
Karina Rodriguez, Karim Maknieh, Widad Abou Diab, Zeina Abdallah and Rasha Accad

Led by Associate Director Karina Rodriguez in Beirut, the team works to build and maintain new websites, like the homepage that debuted last year. Thanks to their hard work, the LAU website now has a more modern appearance and makes more information accessible to prospective and current students as well as faculty and staff members. The website is used for everything from filing applications to viewing the calendar of events on campus, to even viewing the annual Commencement ceremonies live. The alumni website has been built with communication in mind, with forums and blogs for alumni thanks to the NetCommunity system.

The team, which includes writers and web developers on both campuses, were also responsible for the Advancement website, which offered a preview of LAU’s new online appearance ahead of the main website’s relaunch. Thanks to the team’s efforts, LAU’s online footprint and outlook have been thoroughly modernized, just as the university’s mission has been refined and expanded.

Rami Majzoub has been a member of LAU’s family for many years before joining the Beirut development office in October. Rami is one of LAU’s valued alumni, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from the university before going on to earn a degree from Ecole Superieure des Affaires.

Before coming back to LAU, Rami spent over a decade working in sales and media positions in the region. As part of that time, he was a media sales manager for Reuters, a British-based news agency that now operates around the world. Rami also spent time as a sales director for the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, the culmination of Abu Dhabi’s efforts to offer support and training opportunities for new Arabic media companies. The Zone is an incubator for new companies, offering training, office space and production facilities for the fledgling groups that take part.

Besides working for media organizations, Rami also honed his development skills by working for NGOs and gaining international experience. Now, Rami is one of the associate directors of development in Beirut, and will focus on securing funds for the School of Business, LAU’s largest school.

Rami Majzoub
Associate Director of Development
+961 1 786456, extension 1527

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