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An extraordinary exhibit makes an impression halfway around the world

In 2005 LAU’s Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) produced a remarkable photographic exhibit that depicts historical and contemporary images of veiled women. According to the then-director of IWSAW who oversaw the production of Veil(s): a photographic overview, Mona Chemali Khalaf, the veil has become largely misunderstood and her hope was that Veil(s) would “lead to a better understanding of the universality of the veil, resulting in more genuine freedom, and…tolerance.”

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Members of the Advancement division have worked closely with IWSAW in recent years to help bring the exhibit—which contains over fifty photographs—to various locations around the world as a way to help raise awareness of both LAU and the important work that IWSAW does. Advancement team members also work to promote the exhibit as well.

Recently Veil(s) was shown at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich, CT (the hometown of LAU’s founder Sarah Huntington Smith) as well as at the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City and at LAU’s Board of Trustees meeting in Washington, DC last March.


Starting this month Veil(s) will be on display at the Hewitt Gallery of Art at Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side of Manhattan until November 1st. Gallery director Millie Burns has called the exhibit “extraordinary” and has expressed great excitement about having Veil(s) on display in such a culturally diverse city.

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