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Making a first impression with LAU’s newest students

As the summer drew to a close, LAU’s newest class of students are getting to know more about their university and the community that they will soon be joining. These incoming students have the opportunity to learn about their campuses and the classes they’ll be taking, and their first opportunity to bond with fellow classmates.

But they also have an opportunity to start thinking about how LAU can remain a part of their lives for years to come thanks to the work of the alumni team. The alumni office is making its first appearance at orientation this year, using the opportunity to explain its role to new students for the first time. This is part of the department’s efforts to provide advice and services to students before they graduate. While the alumni team, as always, is committed to renewing LAU’s links with its graduates by building and strengthening new alumni chapters, by using its new online interface, NetCommunity, to help alumni from around the world stay connected, and by hosting events for alumni around the world, introducing students to alumni affairs is a relatively new endeavor for LAU and for new students alike. “The alumni concept is not very well-known,” explained Abdallah Al-Khal, the director of the alumni relations office in Beirut. “They don’t know there is life after graduation. This is an early start of introducing alumni to these students.”

Students at orientation.

With the help of its appearance at orientation this year, the alumni office is better able to introduce the new students to the ways in which the alumni staff and various alumni chapters can help them down the road with the kinds of support and camaraderie that alumni organizations offer their members long after they depart the university and move to new phases in their lives. Alumni organizations in North America and the Gulf offer everything from fun events to travel assistance or help finding a new career, while maintaining the bonds formed at LAU. With the help of the alumni relations team, LAU is showing its current students the advantages of a meaningful, lifelong connection to its extended family of alumni.

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