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Update: Advancement

University presidents join forces in Washington to advance American education around the world

In the spring of 2007, the presidents of four American universities in the Middle East, including LAU and the American University of Beirut, The American University in Cairo, and the American University in Sharjah traveled to Washington, DC to make the case for the role that their universities play in building a more stable and secure region. This October, LAU and four other institutions will return to Washington, under the umbrella of the Association of American International Colleges and Universities (AAICU), to show the importance of American education abroad to the policymakers on Capitol Hill.

This Five Presidents’ Tour is part of an effort to show how American universities abroad are offering new opportunities for their host countries, which are often in need of more top-quality institutions of higher learning. It also provides a chance to illustrate how such institutions can help the United States by offering the best of what America has to offer—the gold standard in higher education—to students abroad as well as offering exchange programs and other opportunities for meaningful cultural interaction.

This tour will also have a broader message for politicians and the media than last time, with the American Universities of Paris and Kosovo and Forman Christian College of Pakistan joining the effort they will help show that the value of American education extends beyond just the Middle East and that its value can be felt and appreciated worldwide.

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