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Update: Advancement

8 days, 5 alumni chapters, 2 countries, 1 president

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Visiting five alumni chapters in two countries a continent away from LAU’s campuses over a period of just eight days, with a board of trustees’ meeting sandwiched in between, is all a part of the job for President Jabbra. Early this month LAU’s president will visit with university alumni in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto, as well as in the US cities of Chicago and New York. President Jabbra will also fit in a quick trip to Capitol Hill, the seat of the US government in Washington, DC, with Vice President for University Advancement Richard Rumsey and the LAU’s government relations liaison Graeme Bannerman.  

LAU is truly a global university with trustees, alumni, and friends of the institution literally in every corner of the globe. Never is this fact more clearly illustrated then when President Jabbra travels on behalf of LAU. Whether he’s meeting people from the university’s vast diaspora of alumni in Canada, talking with members of congress and their staff on Capitol Hill, speaking with members of the media in New York, or speaking at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, such situations offer opportunities to tell LAU’s story and position the university as an important institution in Lebanon, the Middle East, and throughout the world. 

Members of the Advancement team—communications, public relations, development, alumni and government relations in both North America and Lebanon—have worked hard together to help make Dr. Jabbra’s next visit to North America one to remember.

And it will take at least three Advancement team members just to keep up with him!


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