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Update: Advancement

The Advancement Services office

Bahaa Zeid, Amal Abdel Massih, Nisreen El Khoury Barhoush and Nelly Ghadban
+961 1 786456, extension 1223, 1276 and 1324

The Advancement Services team works closely with development, public relations, marketing and alumni relations to focus LAU’s message to its graduates and friends who are committed to its mission.

Advancement Services staff are also essential for acknowledging and communicating with the university’s donors. Individuals and groups who choose to support LAU’s mission can also leave their contact information, so that they can stay connected to LAU’s initiatives and receive acknowledgement for their donation and their vote of confidence. Amal and her colleagues are also indispensible for their research on possible additions to the indispensible donor base, helping find out who can be receptive to the university’s cause.

That work begins once students graduate. New alumni are integral to the university’s plan for growth, and alumni officers work with Amal and her team to involve them in events and join alumni chapters around the world. Advancement Services becomes an important part of LAU’s efforts to deepen its roots throughout the world, as alumni become part of chapters and take part in gatherings.

Advancement Services, being the backbone of LAU’s efforts to keep and grow its base of committed supporters, is also the office that shows how successful its initiatives are. Thanks to its database, which Nisreen, Bahaa and Nelly add to and maintain, offices can learn how many donors contributed to its mailings, and LAU’s marketing staff can also use the database’s information to target its efforts.

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