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Showcasing LAU’s expertise to the world

Like any university, one of the biggest strengths of LAU is in the body of knowledge and experience that its faculty and staff bring to the table. Covering a wide range of disciplines, from accounting to theater, the university’s faculty has an enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and skill that can be harnessed to help project LAU’s weight as an institution. This knowledge is what makes a university a university and that is precisely why LAU is making a strong effort to use its many thought leaders as a way of building and growing its reputation worldwide.

IWSAW’s assistant director, Anita Nassar wrote an opinion piece for
Al Arabiya thanks to the expert list project.

Journalists throughout the world are interested in talking to expert sources who can comment on all manner of topics and universities are often at the top of their lists when it comes to finding those sources. Brooke Anderson, a Beirut-based journalist who writes for a number of international news organizations, including the website of Al-Jazeera, regularly turns to sources at LAU for valuable information.

“I’ve written about a wide range of topics, from Islamic banking to Lebanon’s olive oil industry,” Anderson says, “and the faculty at LAU has been an invaluable source for these topics.”

LAU’s media relations teams in Lebanon and the United States regularly meet with members of the media to keep them informed about what is happening at the university and, inevitably, most journalists show great interest in having ready-access to potential sources who can comment on a wide-range of topics. And getting faculty members quoted in the media, and attributed to LAU, provides a highly potent boost to the reputation of the university worldwide.

Promoting LAU’s talent is an important way in which the university is projecting itself in a positive and fruitful way. Join the list here, or get in touch with LAU’s media relations staff you’re a faculty member with any questions.

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