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Live chats help to bring the LAU community closer

In an effort to take advantage of the new opportunities that internet communication tools and new media provide, a few months ago LAU began using a live chat platform to bring its constituents closer to the talent that the university has to offer. Now, thanks to live chats, members of the university community, as well as friends and constituents, can learn more livechat.bmpabout what’s going on at LAU and communicate directly, in real time, with various thought-leaders.
In recent live chats students and perspective students benefited by having the opportunity to ask administrative officers direct questions related to issues like class registration, admissions, financial aid and more. Other chats have focused on providing students and perspective students with information related to LAU’s Summer Institute for Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC) program.
The university has long strived to make the expertise of professionals and other knowledgeable people available to the community through initiatives like lectures and the “Friday Spotlight” series. The live chats now offer a different opportunity for people from all over the world to directly interact somebody from LAU on a specific topic. 
Live chats are a part of a university-wide effort to use technology to keep students, alumni and interested parties better connected. “LAU has aggressively moved to take advantage of websites like Facebook and Twitter, and the live chats are another way for us to use this new technology to connect to constituents and encourage their interaction,” explained Greg Houle, Advancement Communications Manager in North America who manages the live chat series.
Several live chats have already taken place and a robust series of chats on a variety of topics are in the works for the future.
For more information please visit LAU’s advancement page.

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