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Alumni and CEP create successful partnership in Damascus

damascus-syria.jpgBuilding on its already successful "keep learning" program, the Alumni Relations Office, in conjunction with LAU’s Damascus, Syria alumni chapter and the Continuing Education Program (CEP) have recently teamed up to help build the university’s profile beyond Lebanon’s borders. This exciting new program involves a series of workshops and seminars, each a full day or two days long, that are designed to target not only alumni but also professionals from the local community.  The programs are not just for fun and personal enrichment either. LAU’s CEP has joined forces to offer six certificate-based programs during 2010 – 2011 academic year which means that participants will be able to build their credentials as well. Workshops include topics such as time management and critical thinking and problem solving, important skills that have a potentially wide ranging audience of professionals.
“I have been working on this project for years with our chapters in the Gulf area but it finally materialized successfully in Damascus” said LAU’s Director of Alumni Relations Abdallah Al-Khal.alumni-leadership-lecture-02-big.jpg
This unique program helps to position the Damascus alumni chapter as more than just a social chapter, but one that can provide professional services as well. This is something that the alumni team at LAU has been working to do in recent years. In addition these professional programs and workshops will help the chapter raise greater awareness of the university in a country that has produced more students for LAU in recent years.

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