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LAU acquires new world headquarters in the Big Apple

Last month LAU finalized the purchase of a three-floor office building located at 211 East 46th Street in New York City. After the space is redesigned and rebuilt over the next year or so, the university will open the doors to the new 30,000-square-foot (about 2,787 square meters) headquarters and use it to address and fulfill its administrative, advancement and academic needs in New York.

Map that indicates the location of the new office (click for larger view)
NYC Map2.jpg

With its charter from New York State, LAU has long operated an office in the city. Like its fellow American institutions in the region, American University of Beirut and American University in Cairo, LAU has used its New York office primarily for advancement purposes—raising money and awareness of the university as well as organizing alumni in North America. But the New York office has also historically provided vital support for graduates and students who live in the U.S. and Canada, as well as administrative support for the university and its board members.

The new headquarters, which will be much larger than LAU’s current office in the northern section of Manhattan, will allow the university to fulfill each of these missions and more once the space is completed. LAU is also looking into the possibility of adding classroom space as part of the new office suite. 

The new office is located in the Midtown section of Manhattan (see the map above), right in the heart of the vibrant and bustling city. As a result it will provide everyone who visits with a close-up view of everything that New York has to offer. In addition, given its close proximity to the United Nations headquarters, LAU’s new office will be in the center of the international action as well. 

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