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Update: Advancement

Advancement team helps the president get to where he’s going

Pick most weeks of the year and there’s a good chance that you’ll find LAU’s tireless president, Dr. Joseph Jabbra, traveling to two or three different countries. Dr. Jabbra’s passport bears the marks of countries in North America and Europe as well as the Middle East, as he spans the globe on behalf of LAU. But for every trip Dr. Jabbra makes to advance our beloved institution, the advancement division’s staff is working to keep him connected with the university’s friends, while finding new allies and new opportunities for institutional growth.
In addition to building new contacts for the university, the advancement division is responsible for keeping the relationships between the university and members of the public strong. The division is responsible for keeping Dr. Jabbra connected with the university’s most ardent backers, whether they are involved in global business, education or are members of the alumni community.
LAU’s government relations representative Graeme Bannerman and Richard Rumsey are currently guiding President Jabbra through the halls of government in Washington, DC
In addition to helping get Dr. Jabbra in front of important associates of the university, the advancement division also works to find new venues for the president. Staff members on both sides of the Atlantic are working to find new contacts in the press, in business, in government agencies and in the world of non-profit organizations. Whether it is a meeting with a journalist, the CEO of a major organization, or important ministers of a government, these opportunities give Dr. Jabbra a chance to articulate LAU’s mission. And given that LAU also works on a broad range of initiatives, from women’s development to medicine, these meetings can often focus on specific areas of interest.
The advancement division’s stewardship of various government agencies and officials in  the US and elsewhere also keep LAU moving forward.  With the assistance of advancement officers, Dr. Jabbra has had the opportunity to meet with government officials from around the world to help make the case that the value of American education is unprecedented.

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